Representative Image Color

I have thought about this for years, in a very low-priority thread in my head.

There are many situations where it could be useful. In this particular instance, we are making a rotoscoping application with Nuclear, where we draw polygons over a video, to create animations for Continue reading

Multipass Rendering #2

3dengfxAfter thinking about it for a while, there is also another aspect about multipass lighting I always feared, and its really trivial to handle, just like fog.

Transparent objects are rendered the same way as fogged objects: the final shaded pixel is linearly interpolated with a color, just like fog, but this time the color comes from the destination pixel. If you do the math,or if you take a look at my previews post, it becomes clear that transparent objects can easily be multiopass lit. Both techniques can also be combined as well.

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Handling fog with multipass lighting

3968508808_68c7ea6947_bThe thought of fog problems with multipass lighting has prevented me from using multipass in my renderers for too long. Today I decided to stop and think about it for a minute, and the solution is very simple!

Fog is implemented as a linear interpolation between the shaded color of the pixel and the fog color, using a fog factor. In my case the fog factor is calculated like this:

float fog_factor = exp2(-abs(view_dist * fog density)); Continue reading