Unity Render Queues vs Sorting Layers

This one should have been a matter of a simple google search, but it isn’t. Also I can’t find something in the docs.

The question is: what happens first? Render queue sorting or Sorting layer sorting?

So, I put 3 sprites at the exact same z:

  • A is in render queue 3000
  • B is 3100
  • C is 3200


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BFP Chapter 01 : Warming up

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I started looking into Mega Drive development in early September 2015. My excuse for doing so was that I was going to take a class the same year, about microprocessors, in which we were going to learn 68K assembly, so I would check my code on a real system. It turns out we didn’t, but the excuse did its job and I’ve had great fun with this project since.

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