1024 words

I made this word list to make a utility that converts numbers to short (and memorable) word sequences.

Here are some of the list’s properties:

  • Got a list of English words, sorted by popularity.
  • Kept only 3 to 10 letter words.
  • Removed similar words. All words of equal size differ by at least 2 letters.
  • Removed plurals.
  • Removed verbs.
  • Kept the top 1024 remaining words. So each word can represent 10 bits.

Here it is:

able about above absolutely accept access accident according
account across act acting action actually adam address
admit advice afford afraid after afternoon again against
agent ago agree agreed ahead alarm alex alive
all allow allowed almost alone already alright also
although always amazing america among ancient and angel
angry animal anna another answer anybody anymore anyone
anything anyway anywhere apart apartment apologize apparently applause
appreciate area army around arrest arrested arrived ask
asleep attack attention audience aunt aware away awesome
awful baby back bar base based bathroom battle
beautiful beauty because become bed before begin beginning
behind being believe belonging besides best better between
beyond big bigger biggest bird birth birthday bitch
bite black blame blessed blind blood blow blue
board boat bobby body bomb both bottom boy
boyfriend boys brave break breakfast breaking breath breathing
brian bridge bright brilliant british bro broken brother
brown buddy building bullet buried business busy but
call calling camera camp can captain card career
careful cash castle cause center certain certainly chair
challenge change changed character charles charlie check checked
cheering cheers chef chest chicken chief child children
chinese choice chris christ christmas chuckles church city
class classic clear clearly client close closed clothes
club coach coffee college colonel color coming command
commander common company complete completely computer concerned condition
consider contact contest continue control cool cop corner
correct country couple course court cousin cover covered
crazy created credit crew crime criminal cross crowd
cute daddy damage dance danger dangerous daniel danny
dark darling daughter david day dead death decide
decided decision definitely department desk destroy destroyed detective
devil difference different difficult dinner director dirty discovered
discussion distance division doctor dog dollar done door
double doubt down draw dream dress dressed drink
drive driver drop dropped drug dude due dumb
during duty each earlier early earth easier easily
easy eddie either else emergency empty ended ending
enemy energy engine england english enough entire eric
escape especially even evening every everybody everyone everything
everywhere evidence evil exactly example excellent except excited
excuse exercise exist expected experience extra eyes face
faith family famous fans fantastic faster father fault
fbi feel feeling felt female field fighting figure
film final finally finding finger finish fire first
fish fix flat flight floor flowers fly focus
folks followed foot football for force forced forever
forgotten form forward france frank free freedom french
fresh friday friend from front full funeral funny
further future garden general gentlemen george german ghost
gift girl girlfriend given glad god good goodbye
government grace grand grandma great greatest green group
grow grunts guard guess guilty guy hair half
hand handle handsome happening happiness happy harder hardly
health heaven heavy hello help henry her here
herself high him himself history holy honest honestly
honor hope hoping horrible hospital hotel hour house
how however huge human hundred hungry hurt husband
ice idea idiot important impossible incredible indeed influence
innocent insane inside inspector instead interest interested interview
into invited involved island issue itself jail james
jane japanese jealous jeff jerry jesus jimmy job
john johnny joke judge just justice kenny kept
kevin key kill killed kinda king kitchen knife
knock ladies lady language large last late lately
later laugh law lawyer leader least left leg
less level lie light like little living local
london long longer look loose lord love lovely
luck lucky lunch machine madam magic majesty major
mama manager many market marriage married martin matter
max maybe mean meaning medical medicine meet meeting
member memory men mention message michael middle mile
military million minister minute miss missed missing mission
mistake model mom moment mommy money monster month
more morning most mother mountain movie moving much
murder murdered music myself name named narrator national
natural nature nearly necessary neck need needed neither
nephew nervous network never new next nice nobody
noise nonsense normal nose not nothing notice noticed
nowhere number obviously off offer office officer often
oil okay old once one only open opened
opening operation opinion order ordered original other otherwise
our ourselves outside over own pain pal papa
paper pardon parents paris part partner party pass
path patient paul people perfect perfectly perhaps person
personal pete peter phone photo pick picture piece
place plan planet playing please pleasure plenty plus
point police position possible power powerful prefer pregnant
prepared present president pressure pretty price prince princess
printer prison private probably problem process professor program
promise proof property protector proud public pudding purpose
purse queen question quick quickly quiet quit quite
radio raise ready real reality really reason recently
record relaxation release remember report research respect restaurant
return rich richard ridiculous risk river road robert
rock roger roll room ruined rule run running
russian ryan safe said sarah saturday sauce saved
saying scared scene school science scott scream screw
sea search seat second secret security sense serious
seriously server service seven several shallow share sheep
sheriff ship shirt shoe shoot shooting side signal
signed silence silly simon simple single sir sister
sitting situation skin slept slowly smell smile smoke
social society soldier somebody somehow someone something sometimes
somewhere soon sorry sort soul sound space spanish
special speech spirit split spot spread stand standard
start state station stayed steel steve stick still
stole stolen stomach stop stopped story straight strange
street strength strike strong student study stuff stupid
success sudden sugar suicide summer sunday super support
supposed sure surely surgery surprise surprised suspect sweet
sweetheart sweetie sword system table taken talk target
taste teacher team teeth terrible thanks that the
their themselves there they things third this thomas
those though thought thousand three throat through ticket
time tired today together tomorrow tonight tony too
total totally towards train training travel trial trip
trouble truck true truly trust truth try tunnel
turn turning twice type ugly uncle under understood
unit united universe unless until upon upset upstairs
used usual usually very victim video view village
visit voice vote waiting wanted warm watch weapon
weather wedding week weekend weight weird welcome well
whatever when whenever whether which while who whoever
whom wife wild window with within without witness
woman wonder wonderful work working worried worse worth
written wrong yeah yes yesterday you young yourself

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