A Blast From the Past – TOC


Table of contents

Chapter Summary
 Chapter 01 : Warming upSonicROMAsImage.jpg In this chapter, we get to know Mega Drive’s beating heart – the 68K. We write our first miniature programs in 68K assembly, convert those to a ROM using a custom tool and run them in an emulator.
 Chapter 02 : The Blue Screen of Birthbluescreen.PNG  In this chapter, we build the shortest imaginable program that actually does something on the Mega Drive: change the background color. We achieve that by writing very specific stuff to very specific memory locations.
Chapter 03 : Taking out the trashhehehe This chapter walks us through the ugly business of initializing hardware.

We manage however to ameliorate the ugliness with some preparatory work. We find a decent assembler that allows us to include files, and we write subroutines and macros that automate stuff for us and make the code more structured and presentable.

Chapter 04: Room for one textureFinally This time we are going to display some graphics!

We will learn how the VRAM is organized and display a single image loaded from a BMP file. After that we’ll take care of the ROM header which we’ve been postponing for too long. Finally, we’re going to test our code on some more emulators.

Chapter 05: ScrollingFinally In this chapter we’re going to create our main loop, in an update-render-repeat fashion, and we handle the timing-related issues. After that we are left with empty update and render routines, which we fill with an infinite scroller demo.
Chapter 06: RIVERS OF BLOODrng.jpg This is a first taste of what systems programming looks like.
Without an operating system to rely on, we create a static memory allocator and then we go on and implement our first algorithm which generates random numbers in 68K assembly.


Credits go to the following people, in no particular order:

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