A Blast From the Past – TOC


Table of contents

Chapter Summary
 Chapter 01 : Warming upSonicROMAsImage.jpg In this chapter, we get to know Mega Drive’s beating heart – the 68K. We write our first miniature programs in 68K assembly, convert those to a ROM using a custom tool and run them in an emulator.
 Chapter 02 : The Blue Screen of Birthbluescreen.PNG  In this chapter, we build the shortest imaginable program that actually does something on the Mega Drive: change the background color. We achieve that by writing very specific stuff to very specific memory locations.
Chapter 03 : Taking out the trashhehehe This chapter walks us through the ugly business of initializing hardware.

We manage however to ameliorate the ugliness with some preparatory work. We find a decent assembler that allows us to include files, and we write subroutines and macros that automate stuff for us and make the code more structured and presentable.


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