Cleaning my Model M

You just can feel it when it’s time to clean your keyboard.

I’ve been this beauty’s proud owner for 2 years and couldn’t be happier with my everyday typing. Up to this point, I’d only cleaned its surface, but I just knew I had to go deeper sooner or later. And so I did, and took some pictures along the way.

So here is what you can expect to see when you remove your keys. New species may be evolving here:

2016-05-31 14.12.32.jpg

I cleaned the inside using some swabs and alcohol:

2016-05-31 15.18.37.jpg

I washed the keys using some laundry detergent:

2016-05-31 15.19.33.jpg
They came out clean, but drying them was rather difficult. First I collected them all in a towel and left them outside to dry under the sun. After several hours they still hadn’t dried, so I used a hair drier which finally did the trick.

2016-05-31 16.05.21.jpg

Finally, here is an opportunistic stop-motion animation of putting the keyboard back together:


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