Cyclos (2015)

Shortly aPsyflex Interactions Logofter leaving Aventurine, me and my colleague, George Dionysopoulos started a new, independent game studio called Psyflex Interactions. Cyclos is our first game and the project I’m most proud of today.

The goal of our newly formed team is to create innovative games. A tern which is being brutally abused nowadays, but we mean it!

Cyclos is a great example of what “innovative” means to us. It is a fully responsive Action/Arcade game for Android, where you can freely navigate in two dimensions.

By “fully responsive” we mean that  the moment you tap, your move is carried out instantly. There are no simulated joysticks/buttons on-screen that can cause delays. Of course other games do that, Flappy Bird for instance (and many others), works with a one-tap interface.  But those games give you control over 1 dimension. For example, in Flappy Bird, all you can do is move up and down and your horizontal movement is fixed.

screen3The idea we built Cyclos on is really simple. You indeed have a fixed movement, in a circular orbit, moving clockwise or counter-clockwise. By simply tapping you change from clockwise to counter-clockwise motion and vice versa. This way you can move anywhere in 2D space It’s a bit difficult to put in words, but you can easily understand by watching the video.

Apart from just moving around, Cyclos can also attack, which simply happens when you complete a full circle. This simple idea encompasses all the aspects of an Arcade control system: moving, attacking and also attack cooldown!

On this solid bascreen2sis of instant and accurate control, we’ve built what we think is one of the most challenging arcade games on mobile devices. And there was a lot of building involved! The game features a plethora of enemies and game modes and the game entities are not just stuff we put inside the game world, but they exhibit synergistic (the whole is more than the sum of its parts) behaviour. To get a glimpse of that, read our news feed on the creation of the Paragons.

Cyclos definitely was a programming-heavy project, which is the kind I enjoy the most!

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