Various free software stuff


XDashy was a replacement dashboard for Xbox. At the time the most popular one was “EvolutionX”: a little piece of software that let you really use your Xbox. It featured an ftp server and a nice menu where you could launch the games and other 3rd party software, file managers and the like.

My only problem was that EvolutionX used a pirated version of the Xbox SDK. Being (too) sensitive at the time about proprietary software, I made my own legal and free alternative. I suspect nobody used it though!


While working on Conspiracies 2, I came across a paper documenting a fast algorithm for vertex cache optimization. I implemented it in the form of a c++ header file and released it as free software. It made a notable difference in Conspiracies’ framerate. Some people in forums were very happy using it as well.


Another part of my Conspiracies tools was also released as free software. This time, it was a handy library for loading lightwave files: lwload.

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