Qurashee makes you bad!

Some words have a very interesting history. One of my favourites, the greek word “μοχθηρός” (mohthiros) has indeed a very interesting etyomolgy. The word comes from “μόχθος” (mohthos – tiredness) and literally means “One who gets (physically) tired” (or a hard worker) but over the years its meaning has changed and its current meaning in modern Greek is “malicius“.

The same thing has happened to the word “πονηρός” (poniros). The word comes from “πόνος” (ponos – physical pain), its literal meaning is “one who receives (physical) pain” (mostly meaning again a very hard worker), and its current meaning is “cunning / tricky” (person).

The history of these words implies that hard workers eventually become evil, because of the difficulties they had in their lives, so the moral of the story is: “Take a break every now and then or you may end up a bad person”!

I’d better go back to work now to catch that deadline 🙂

2 thoughts on “Qurashee makes you bad!

  1. And it goes on: “Αγροίκος” (agrikos – rude and violent man) comes from “Αγρός” (=field) which implies that people living in the country are rude and violent 🙂

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